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23–07–2023 | English

None of us stands alone- we are all part of various units, teams, groups, entities, such as families, neighborhoods, schools, cities, nations, clubs etc. We are social beings, we need company, support, we need to give and receive love- constantly.

And this belonging is what shapes us, fosters and educates us and helps us to thrive. Isn’t it just great to feel we are surrounded by like minded people? Isn’t it the best feeling to be acknowledged, loved, supported by others? We all have an elemental need for all the above. To be in our place and live a fulfilling life, finding our true identity. 

However, life is not a bed of roses…

Most families face losses that they need to process. Some of us suffer traumas or struggle with addictions, illnesses, even psychological disorders, have to go through painful life experiences and all these “events” can tilt the balance or upset the original state of the given “unit”. All these changes can lead to the situation when we do not feel in place. 

So how do we know we are not in place?

How does it feel when our self improvement is stuck and our life stagnates? Well, most of the time we notice repetitive patterns in our lives: we lose our jobs the same way, we have the same problems in our relationships, we end up going around in circles instead of making a real change. Or we feel down for no reason, lack self- esteem, get ill all the time, make the same mistakes. Does any of these sound familiar? 

Now, Systemic Constellation is a method where we intend to find the original balance, the real path, and one’s own destiny. This method helps us to “unchain” our self and find our real strength, a connection to life, and the source of our self improvement- simply by finding the right place in the system where we truly, really, whole heartedly belong.

The author of the article:  BEATRIX TÓTH

English / Spanish Language Teacher, Language Coach and Soft Skills trainer

How is this „package” different from a language teacher?

Effective language learning depends not only on the development of language skills but also on various other factors. Using the method that suits your personality, finding the motivation that really drives you and, what is perhaps even more important: removing previously imprinted malfunctioning patterns or blocks. 

As a language coach and trainer my goal is to ensure your improvement and joyful learning. 

The main pillars of my working method are:

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